Freshman/Sophomore College Prep overview Workshop

  1. Academic Classes/Graduation Requirements

  2. AP enrollment guidelines/Honors courses

  3. Student Worksheet/activities and awards

  4. UC/CSU Minimum admission requirements

  5. Choosing the Right College

  6. SAT/ACT testing

  7. College Websites


Junior Jump Start

  1. Overview of the junior year

  2. Testing and test prep

  3. Deciding what tests to take

  4. Visiting colleges

  5. Creating the academic resume

  6. Course selection

  7. Summer enrichment opportunities

  8. How to make college choices

  9. online resources to explore colleges


Application Workshops

  Steps Ahead will walk you through each page of the applications below so you will have a thorough understanding of each before you apply online.

  1. University of California application

  2. Cal State University Application

  3. The Common Application


Please contact Steps Ahead for dates, location and workshop fees


  1.   Freshman/Sophomore           

     College prep overview

  1.   Junior Jump Start

  2.   Application Workshops

       UC application

       Cal State Application

       The Common App

A competitive applicant needs to always be

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